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White tea - the benefits and harmsThis variety of tea like white tea is not so long ago Appeared in Europe and, unfortunately, is not very popular, despite its delicate taste and beneficial properties. The Drink Became famous in his native China in the 14th century and originally Supplied Exclusively to the table of the emperor during the tea ceremony.

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white coffeeWhite Coffee - a delicious coffee beverage with an original way of roasting, Which is Considered the birthplace of the city of Ipoh in Malaysia. The Therefore, it is often called Ipohskim coffee. To cook the beans are roasted in margarine made from palm oil. Traditionally served this drink after dinner with condensed milk. Now officially a city of Ipoh white coffee, and tourists from all over the world go there to try this mysterious drink.

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white coffee

White Coffee - a common grain of the coffee tree, slightly fried in palm oil. It meets another name - .. "Ipohsky coffee," that it is believed That roast coffee beans in this way came up in the Malaysian city of Ipoh, although Yemenis and Lebanese believe That the white coffee - it is Their Invention. But, one way or another - it slaboobzharennye or simply dried coffee beans, Which is prepared from the eponymous drink.

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