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Tassimo TAS 2001

Tassimo TAS 2001

The desire to buy a good coffee maker you long ago, but it was quite Unplanned purchase. Coffee machine Tassimo TAS 2001 by the German company Bosch came to our house before the New Year on the stock METRO just 1 rubles for the purchase of 10 capsules packs. When you select a color from pink, red, white and black, stood on the classic white Tassimo, Which Immediately found its permanent place in the kitchen and well fit into the interior.

Automatic machine is made of plastic. It is quite compact and not cumbersome, has a compact design and a good color palette. Use it easy and simple to cope with it even a child.

Only one button, not the switch Including That has the auto mode during prolonged inactivity.

Making coffee does not take much time, you take the capsule is inserted, close the cover, one-touch and the coffee is ready. The machine has a low intelligence and reads the barcode of the capsule, so who knows what will cook and depending on this pressure and selects the coffee strength. The sensor indicates when the cooking process has Begun and beeps when you can pick up the finished drink.

If the coffee is still shed to carelessness or a small cup size, it is Discharged into a special container, cup. This cup has 2 positions and is designed to collect the last drops of coffee That can drain after use the machine and how to stand. In any case, the cup is easy to remove, rinse and quickly back into place.

Before using the machine should pour water. The clear water tank located on the rear housing. It has a comfortable handle and a lid for filling.

Tank volume of 1.5 liters.

Now about the product.

Of These qualities do not like small assortment of tablets and a small amount in a pack. Altogether there are six variants of coffee. Each of them has a unique taste and unique aroma fills the room That, after cooking.

The output is a fairly high-quality brewed coffee, the taste of Which will never be confused with a soluble.

If the use of the espresso capsules, the pack of 16 pieces, and the volume of the finished product Obtained is about 100 ml. It can be the same capsule used twice, but the second coffee will already weak and not so good if you like. But if Milka is not at hand, and the child and asks something from the coffee machine, then this option combined with milk just fine. For kids and a sweet tooth there Milka tablets, pack them into 8 pieces, well, the taste is amazing.

No cocoa and things like that will not give the taste.

Tassimo TAS 2001
Since I prefer to drink coffee with milk, and milk does not suit me in calories, then Their preference I gave latte macchiato. Sugar, unlike espresso, I did not add. Latte macchiato has a rich milky taste of coffee with crema.

Perhaps I would have chosen for themselves Caramel Latte, but I have not had a chance yet to try it.

But upset about the range is not Necessary, since the collection starts to grow. Already sold tea with various additives, that is worth trying.

coffee machine model is quite successful, if it were possible to buy it now, after the test, I would of course bought. Price matches the quality, the coffee turns out quite fragrant and delicious. Bosch company presented a good and sensible budget espresso machine.

Like the fact That it does not have to take apart and wash, as the machine has an automatic cleaning program, so use special Means even more cause spetsialist have as chastobyvaet with expensive coffeemakers. It is ideal for the home and is well suited as a gift.

If you decide it buy the car, then I will certainly recommend it to it, and I hope my review will help you make the right choice.

Кофеварка Bosch Tassimo TAS 2001 EE


Обзор кофеварки BOSCH TASSIMO T20

tassimo tas 2001

Капсульная кофеварка TASSIMO BOSH TAS2001EE