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Tea ceremony – the details and a video of her

Tea ceremony - the details and a video of herThat I think will be difficult to find in our modern world of man, this tea indifferent. Some peoples of tea culture has long been Considered a colorful part of the national culture. As the well-known Ukrainian proverb: # 171; Vmila gotuvati, she did not vmila podavati # 187; (. M s -. Know how to cook, but is not able to file).

And so, at first to deal ourselves in the art of the tea ceremony, and then we will surprise guests with exquisite drinks.

In no other country tea has such great symbolic significance in the life of residents in Japan. In Japan Tea Party - a special whole ceremony (cha-term), it merged contemplation of all natural, art, dialogue and reflection. Tea can be rightly called a true creativity, a special ritual That requires a strict silence, peace and privacy.

How is the modern tea ceremony

The host sends invitations are his friends, and Those 2-3 days to thank him for the attention he has had. On the day of the ceremony the guests gather for 20 minutes before the start, in a special room where they select the guest of honor. Typically selected seniors and people with high social status. Tea Party begin with the thick teas.

The hosts are arranged all the Necessary and the action begins. Initially, the tea is prepared in a very large jug for all guests. Drink from it in turn, passing each other in the chain. The Japanese believe this action That Causes a feeling of intimacy. Sekyaka (guest of honor) begins to tell the story of the tea ceremony.

After dense liquid is fed. Simultaneously with the liquid fed tea cakes or other sweets. Weak tea is prepared for all at once, a few cups.

Before the first time to sip a cup is rotated in a clockwise direction several times.

What drink Japanese tea

Despite all the variety of teas, the Japanese release only two basic types - loose powder and tea. Tea powder. The highest grade of green tea - # 171; Gyokuro # 187; (In Japanese - precious drop), this tea is prepared only from the uppermost leaves of the tea bush.

The collected leaves, washed in the powder, called a tea - Matcha. This tea powder is the intended solely for the tea ceremony. Leaf tea. At harvest, collect only the leaves, Which are located on the second floor of the bush - Sep.

This tea is not very cheap, so it only served in fine restaurants, or taking home the most honorable guests. In everyday life, the people of Japan are drinking so-called # 171; # 187;. bow It is prepared from large, located on the bottom of the bush leaves.

This kind of tea is served for free even in some restaurants. Also, residents of the skies have tea under the name - # 171; # 187;, kukitya prepare it not from the leaves and stems or twigs of the tea bush, because of this, there is almost no caffeine. If you're in Japan, you will certainly be offered - gemaytya, a mixture of green tea and rice grains air. Tea ritual is Considered Sakurai - slightly salted cherry blossoms curl boiling water. Usually it is served at weddings, festivals, in Japan Decided Which is the honor of the changing seasons.

The diversity of the unknown and the known varieties of tea in Japanese sounds like # 171; # 187;. Cats In Japan, the art of tea ceremony takes many forms. Here are some of the most common ceremonies, Which depend on the time of day:

tea at sunrise

morning tea
Tea ceremony - the details and a video of her
evening tea

night tea

Night tea, for example, start to drink only in the moonlight. Usually guests come in half of the 12th, and leave no later than four nights.

Video of the tea ceremony

Present! - Tea Ceremony: Urasenke Style

Osumi Sensei Hosting Tea Ceremony