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Tea with cinnamon – a recipe for weight loss and eternal youth

Tea with cinnamon - a recipe for weight loss and eternal youthBeautiful Scheherazade thousand and one night spoke to the king, angry with the feminine, intricate tales. Legend has it that the forces of the girl kept a fragrant tea with cinnamon recipe is kept for generations in her family. Every night, she brewed a delicious drink with spicy cinnamon and honey, and then a gentle voice fascinated the king's imagination into the world of oriental fairy tales.

Benefits drinks with cinnamon

Fierce king's heart "melt" due care beautiful Scheherazade - woman masterfully owned by "skazkoterapii" and knew the healing properties of cinnamon. By itself, cinnamon has different properties. For example:

It has a sedative effect;

lowers blood pressure;

normalizes blood sugar levels;

It strengthens the immune system;

cleanses the body (Removes waste, toxins, heavy metals);

It is used for weight loss.

As a basis for the creation strengthens and warms the drink takes a quality green tea or black. It is best to use varieties with large leaves (long leaf tea). Cinnamon is a very aromatic spice That can drown out the more subtle smells - so a basis for welding is not Necessary to use the fees herbs or teas with floral elements.

Black tea with cinnamon

Nights in the desert are often cold and elevators. Scheherazade masterfully brewed

tea with apple and cinnamon, refreshing after heavy work. A tea with cinnamon and lemon, Which strengthens the immune system and is saved from colds. Baikhovi Black tea has a number of medicinal properties:

It calms the nervous system, warms the body from the inside;

It Improves metabolism, reduces appetite;

activates the brain.

Combined with cinnamon black drink makes life easier for diabetics - daily tea reception that allows you control the level of sugar. Cinnamon is added into a strong brow, it Becomes a powerful aphrodisiac, InFlames passions.

Tea with cinnamon for weight loss

Welding of medium strength with spices is an effective Means of control over weight, because muffles hunger. This Maintain a slim figure and a pep cook drink "Forever Young."

Biggest misconception Is that cinnamon burn fat and calories. Her action - cleansing of the body. This is due, there is a gradual decrease in body weight.

The most effective way to lose weight is Considered to be the use of cinnamon with honey in the morning on an empty stomach.

Recipe with cinnamon, apple and honey "Forever Young"

The combination of honey, apple and cinnamon - the key is the magic drink, prolonging youth. It prepare a warming drink you need:

30 g of black tea;

3-4 glasses of water;

an apple;

cinnamon stick;



Clear the apple (remove peel, cored). Cut it into small pieces (about 2 cm long);

Within 10 minutes of boil chopped apple and cinnamon stick decant it in a teapot.

Cooked apples can be filled with honey and serve as dessert. Or distribute the cups and then pour the brewed tea.

Black tea is made about a seven five minutes (you can wait for a strong welding, can be "a little paint" water to the desired fortress - to taste).

Pour into cups. Add honey to taste.

How to brew tea with cinnamon cold

Black tea with cinnamon and lemon - effective Means of colds. In the off-season and during Epidemics of viral diseases, it is recommended to drink before going to bed to keep it warm and Strengthen the force.

Recipe "protection cold"


30 g of black tea;

cinnamon stick;

a few slices of lemon;

sugar to taste.


Cinnamon stick and boil a few minutes in the 3-4 cups of clean water.

This liquid brewed tea leaves.

Insist 5-7 minutes.

Bottled ready to drink the cup, add a slice of lemon, sweetened to taste.

Women all over the world happy to use beverages with herbs for weight loss and maintenance of good health. A sages East cinnamon drink tea during long philosophical discussions about the universe.

How to choose cinnamon

It is best to buy sticks spices grown on the island of Ceylon. Do not buy cinnamon from China. Details about the selection and preparation of useful drink for immunity See the short video

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