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Tea with cinnamon and ginger – how to make a drink helpful

Tea with cinnamon and ginger - how to make a drink helpfulThis invent a thousand and one famous tale Scheherazade had during the day, when the unbearable heat sleepy and confused thoughts. According this ancient legends from exhaustion, dehydration and exhaustion Woman rescued green tea with cinnamon.

In the East, a popular remedy for dehydration drink hot, and in America more than love in the cold. It Improves the absorption of body fluids, normalizes the bowels and the liver and has an overall positive effect on the person.

How useful tea with cinnamon

Green drinks are a popular spice has various useful properties:

Activates the sweat glands - the pores open, sweat excreted through derived heavy metals, toxins.

Holds a normal body temperature, protects against heat.

It Improves liver function, as has choleretic properties and comprises carotenes.

It strengthens the immune system, saturating the body with vitamins (A, B and D) and micronutrients (zinc, phosphorus, manganese).

Cinnamon in conjunction with green tea, it Becomes an effective Means for the prevention of diabetes. It helps rid the body of carbohydrates. Thanks to this Succeeds in the soft mode to get rid of excess weight.

To use tea with cinnamon is recommended to get a "second wind" during a romantic rendezvous. Cinnamon excites the senses, so the assignation instead of wine should drink a cup of tea.

How to make a useful tea with cinnamon

There are some simple recipes for green drink with cinnamon, to the benefit of Which is evaluate any organism.

Tea with cinnamon and ginger Oriental

This beverage has a Particularly refined taste. Ginger root has an expressive, sharp taste and a whole set of medicinal properties. Ginger is indispensable in the fight against excess weight and improve immunity.

Cinnamon softens the taste of ginger, giving the drink a gentle and torpky taste. The easiest way to take advantage of a fast recipe. We need:

ginger root;

large-sheet green tea;

cinnamon stick;

lemon balm or mint leaves.


Ginger root purify and cut into thin strips (Approximately 5 mm in width, 3.2 cm length).

The milled root scatter cups (ginger very sharp, so the amount depends on the individual preferences).

Add the mint leaves or lemon balm, cinnamon stick (one per cup, it can be brewed several times).

At the end of fall asleep tea leaves and pour boiling water over all.

After a four minutes three flavored drink ready for consumption.

Eastern recipe can be supplemented with slices of lemon, acidic berry (E. G., cranberries, currants) and honey. How to make delicious tea with cinnamon, Improves metabolism? Add to drink orange zest.
Tea with cinnamon and ginger - how to make a drink helpful
Recipe "Orange Morning"

Infuser three servings, we need:

fresh orange;

10-15 g of green tea;

cinnamon stick;

3-4 cups of water.


Purified orange peel carefully cut into large chunks.

Add the orange peel is a cinnamon stick, fill them with water and bring to boil.

A boiling infusion use for brewing green tea.

We are waiting for 5-10 minutes for a full disclosure of tea leaves and proceed to the tasting.

Diabetics are recommended to drink tea without sugar or honey is sweeten it.

This recipe has an invigorating effect, catalyses the exchange of substances and launches the digestive system. It is best to drink it half an hour before a hearty breakfast or a half or two hours before lunch. Then a green tea with cinnamon Will Provide a burst of energy for the whole day.