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The best recipes of coffee masks

The best recipes of coffee masksRich composition of coffee makes it a very popular home cosmetic. One of the most common is the coffee scrub, because the abrasive particles of coffee Effectively, but to help gently exfoliates dead skin particles. We want to tell you how to prepare the mask using coffee That will help keep your skin's health, as well as returning it elasticity.

hydrating mask

Very good use of coffee mask for power. Take the coffee grounds, add to it a couple of spoonfuls of heavy cream and half a banana, mashed into a puree with a fork. Keep the mask on the face with a banana should be about a quarter of an hour.

Another nourishing mask made on the basis of coffee grounds with the addition of a tablespoon of natural yoghurt. Apply it is desirable that the pre-steamed the skin of the neck and face.

Finally, nourishing mask can be prepared using coffee grounds sleeps, sour cream spoon, a spoon of honey and egg. All the ingredients are mixed and lightly whipped, and then put on the face. But be careful: if you have the capillaries are located quite close to the surface of the skin, apply the coffee and honey mask can not.

Mask of cellulite

This mask hydrochloric prepare the coffee mix tablespoon sea salt, 2 tablespoons of ground coffee and a few drops of citrus extract. Rasparte body skin, and then apply it in a circular motion prepared mask.

Even for one mask, you will need 5 tablespoons of coffee, olive oil spoon, spoon powder rosemary and sea salt, and 5 drops of lavender oil. This scrub should be used to massage the issue areas.

The mask for acne

Take 2 tablespoons of coffee Goody, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of fresh apple, grated puree. Keep this mask on the issue areas covered with acne, can be up to an half hour.

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