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The hair on his chest. Why grow hair on his chest? How to remove them?

The hair on his chest. Why grow hair on his chest? How to remove them?The hair on his chest. Why grow hair on his chest? How to remove them?

The hair on his chest They can Occur at Certain times of a woman's life. They are due this hormonal disorders, genetic or Prescribed drugs. Nobody likes them, but with the removal of any delays. Learn how to take the hair on his chest and how best to remove them.

Dark, hard and long hair Appear around the nipples. The hair on the breast is almost every woman, but some of them have very much. How to remove them?

In our consciousness breast skin functions as an immaculate smooth surface. If you suddenly there Appear Italian, often fall into a panic. Unnecessarily because The hair on his chest It has today at 3 woman. May they take the form of a gentle nap, barely visible at first glance. Some people around the nipples dark Appear single, strong enough Italian length of 1 - 2 cm. Only if there is more, you should start thinking about a visit to the endocrinologist.

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Why grow hair on his chest?

hairs It is a hereditary thing. It depends on genes That we have thick hair on the head, visible hair on his forearms or expressive eyebrows. Blondes will have lighter hair on the legs, in turn, brunettes and people with dark complexions small small Appear mustache. The Therefore hairs on the chest are a matter entirely normal. Ask the women in your family, if ever noticed such a thing at home.

He is Responsible for the sprouting hairs male hormone, testosterone, produced by the ovaries in women. U teenager is usually we Caused by puberty and hormonal disorders occurring then. The reason for the appearance of hair can also be a pregnancy, use of hormone therapy or birth control pills. However, among women 50 to the formation of hair on the chest small Contribute drugs for menopause and limited production oestradiol.

Is the hair on the chest be a small sign of disease?

If the hair on his chest will grow in large Quantities (eg. There will be a dozen), and will also Appear in a rather typical for men - dry as chin, upper lip, abdomen - should go to the doctor endocrinologist. This could indicate hirsutyzmie, Which is one of signs of excessive androgen production. Currently, this issue Affects every 10 women in the world. Hirsutism is not always associated with serious diseases, so you need not panic. That it is possible it disappears after a short use of hormone therapy, which you doctor prescribes.


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Can you remove the hair That grows on the chest?

The hair on his chest. Why grow hair on his chest? How to remove them?Breasts this place very sensitive to touch, and the skin is thin and delicate. Small Italian are visible only for Their possession of a, so Consider Whether you really need to remove them. It is not worth without the need to expose the skin is an irritant, so give up in this situation with a razor or razor blade.

Methods of hair removal of hair on his chest

  • tweezers. Tweezer hair removal is the quickest and least painful way. Tweezers should be disinfected and sharp. Blunt tool can not catch the Italian, and even cause pain. Dry skin and grab the hair at the same base, then pull vigorously.
  • Waxing. Due to the delicate skin of the breast, it is best to go to the beautician epilation. The treatment itself can do, only if you have this proficiency. Beauty salons In Their offer rarely have depilatory wax breast skin, so you better ask if you previously did a similar cosmetic surgery. Epilation other parts of the body you can ask it assess Whether your hair on his chest suitable for waxing.
  • Laser hair removal. This method is long, but unfortunately the most expensive. A series of treatments is the cost. approx. 300 - 500 zł. Italian chest will disappear after a minute. 5 treatments. This method is recommended only for women who suffer from hirsutism.


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What instead of hair removal?

If you do not want to pull hairs and wait until it grows back again, you can try an alternative method. Clarification of hair bought at the drugstore and used According To Effectively hide instructions The hair on his chest. You can also brighten them up with hydrogen peroxide bought at the pharmacy, applied to the swab.

  • Warning! Before you decide that lighten hair, skin allergic attempt to surrender. Apply a small amount of this specyfiku lighten the skin and wait for the reaction. Avoid the use of this method, if redness, burning, itching.


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