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The history of tea ceremony

The history of tea ceremonyIf you believe the legends and lore, tea tseremoniyavpervye Appeared in China. No exact date could not be established, but it was about 4-5 century BC. e.

Legends about the appearance of the tea ceremony

Legend №1Eta history of the emergence tea ceremony contains elements of horror. According to the legends the very brewing tea Appeared thanks to the monk Bodhidharma.

He was sitting in a very small room and meditated, but suddenly, in one moment it is very much the beginning sleepy. And then, in order not to fall asleep, he tore his eyelids. And in the place where the fallen eyelids sprouted an unusual plant with leaves. Bodzidarmy successors Began to collect the leaves of this plant, to fill them with boiling water and drink. That they believed this drink helps the body longer to keep fit.

Legend №2Suschestvuet another, very popular tradition, Which is Considered also the beginning of the history of the tea ceremony # 8230; According this legend is brewing tea came first Buddhist religion. A discovery belongs to Lao Tzu. He turned the action in the ceremony, before it was called - a ritual with # 171; gold elixir # 187;. Residents of # 171, # 187 of the skies; I liked not only the ceremony, but also a taste of this wonderful drink.

Drinking tea for a long time Performed by the Chinese as a ritual. But it happened the invasion of the Mongols and the entire Chinese life was transformed, and the tea ceremony in the short term has lost all its relevance Japanese borrowed from # 171 ;! Skies # 187; this ceremony, and we added some of its elements. And they were also able to keep this celebration to the present day.

And that's why the majority of people, the tea ceremony is associated with Japanese culture.
The history of tea ceremony
Conditions for the tea ceremony

The ceremony Appeared in the early days of the Buddhist religion in China and later in Japan. Semantic load the ceremony reflects the flow of Zen Buddhism. The tea ceremony has become a ritual for the perfect comprehension of new philosophical truths and further Top dives into religion.

Tea rooms were very close. According this Buddhism, the monks do not happen either volume or weight. At tea the whole person feels inner harmony, a sense of peace and comfort. Not without reason in the teahouses read the words of the sages. In such a situation often comes to mind is the new truth, and you can understand a lot for themselves, in order that you 'could not understand, being in the affairs and Concerns.

The decoration of the house, tableware, human behavior, and the ceremony itself, fully reflects the opposition of the category of things. For example, modest atmosphere contains within itself A Certain Kind of hidden beauty and luxury. For the ceremony, all were equal.

By entering in a tea house, you have to forget all ranks and ranks of other Participating. Which it is also a spiritual idea of ​​religion as for the Buddhists all equal, Regardless of the Provisions. Japanese and Chinese are very symbolic ceremony, both in content and performs actions

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