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The most expensive coffee

The most expensive coffee

It is hard to find on the Earth person who would not try, or at least never heard of coffee. This drink conquered a huge number of people for its amazing taste bitter and tart invigorating aroma. But there are varieties of coffee That cost the times more than the usual high-quality coffee beans.

The same way the coffee is better?

Coffee. . . Almost every person on earth know this word. Many people can not imagine life without the obligatory morning cup of this fragrant, invigorating drink. Modern civilized world today is unthinkable without the culture of coffee consumption.

This drink has become a link of many aspects of modern life. Coffee break, a friendly chat over a cup of coffee and cake, a business meeting - all is an indispensable attribute of modern times, and in all this there is one constant component - coffee.

I myself am a big fan of drinking a cup or two of this wonderful drink, but never really thought about the money side of the issue. But the coffee business, this is not a small thing. Coffee today - the most popular beverage after water on the planet.

The fact That on the value of foreign trade of developing countries coffee is second only is oil!

There are two most common types of coffee That are used on an industrial scale - Arabica and Robusta. Arabica - the most common type of coffee and Robusta is Considered less refined coffee flavor point of view, but at the same time it contains more caffeine. Of These varieties also prepare various coffee blends, in Vol. H. And coffee in coffee machines.

Going to the coffee shop or cafe, we are not thinking too much about the price in order a cup of coffee. Now Imagine That for this cup you brought to 50 dollars! That you say this can not be? But there is coffee and at this price.

However, not all coffee lovers agree to try it out, learning technology of its production.

At the moment I know of three of the most expensive varieties of coffee - Kopi Luwak (Kopi Luwak), Terra Nera Black and ivory (Black tusk). All three types of coffee produced highly original and specific way That Affects its high price. Now let's talk about each of them Separately.

Kopi Luwak (Kopi Luwak) is a native Indonesia. Word mines on the Indonesian dialect of the Malay language denotes coffee and Luwak - the local name of the Asian Palm Civet, Malayan palm civet. Asian Palm Civet, or Asian palm civet - a small animal family civet. So it is this animal is insanely expensive coffee producer.

Civet in nature gladly eat ripe fruits of coffee, Which is also called coffee cherries. Passing through the digestive system of the animal, coffee fruit pulp is digested, and the coffee beans themselves, being subjected to the effects of gastric juice enzymes go along with feces out. Which after they were thoroughly washed, dried and then fried.

Many experts argue That gives the unique taste of this coffee? Some say about the properties of gastric properties civet, civet Which contains. Others insist That it is not in the intestines of animals and enzymes, and That the Asian Palm Civet carefully selected grains.

In the wild, coffee beans are for them only part of a varied diet. The animals are very choosy about food, it can be said, true gourmets fauna. Kilograms of coffee beans they choose only about 12-15 pieces. Now they are farmed, but the most prized Kopi Luwak, Which is collected in the forests of Indonesia.

There civet live in the wild and eat the best fruits of coffee. Such Kopi Luwak is sold at special auctions and the price is up to $ 1 per 1 gram. If you are a connoisseur of coffee, and you do not mind spending $ 50 for the most expensive cup of coffee, then be sure to try the real Kopi Luwak.

He has a deep, rich, smooth taste, not greasy, the bitterness is not felt almost, with a slight taste of caramel and hints of butter, nougat and honey.

And recently the Indonesian civets were serious competitors - Kindred Asian Palm Civet of the Peruvian Andes, Which in the local dialect called uchunari. Expensive type of coffee "from uchunari" sold under the name Terra Nera on the main London department store Harrods.

According to the experienced gourmet, Terra Nera has its own unique and special taste - it gives a bitter chocolate and hazelnuts, as well as slightly dry skin. The process of its production is no different from Indonesian Embodiment. It is annually produced only 45 kilograms of high-end coffee Terra Nera, and That gives it exclusivity. Harrods in the price of the coffee ranges from £ 140 to £ 6800 depending on the type and weight of packaging.

To attract customers, each serving expensive coffee is packed in a bag of sterling silver, with preserving the flavor of the valve and the laces tied with a tag of 24-carat gold, engraved with the manufacturer's logo, the degree of roasting and the buyer's name.

Another heavyweight in the world of coffee - expensive grade of "Black Tusk". Produce it in Thailand, Chiang Rai Province. From the name it is not difficult to guess That it will be about elephants.

Just as in the case of the civet, elephants eat fruits coffee and passed through the digestive system of an elephant, the precious grain out with feces.

Next is the standard procedure for washing, drying and roasting coffee beans. The high cost of coffee is not only Caused by the fact That it is Involved in the manufacture of the elephants, and the fact That is, they produce a kilogram of the product you need to feed the animal in 30-35 times more fresh coffee berries. And not any berries out there! Elephants are fed Exclusively selective Thai Arabica coffee grown at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level.

This digest the fruits of coffee are "languishing", along with bananas, sugar cane and other ingredients typical vegetarian diet elephant, huge animals need about 15 to 30 hours, to get a unique rich and fruity taste as a result of this process. Coming full loop of coffee Becomes a flower-chocolate flavor, containing notes of milk chocolate, nuts, with hints of spice and elderberry. The price of the coffee reaches the $ 1,100 per 1 kilogram.

The above cases are not the first, when the coffee is made from animal excrement. Previously Proposed gourmet coffee beans from the litter bats, deer, and monkeys. The debate about the benefits and dangers of caffeine has been going on for decades.

The beverage called coffee consumption, of course, has its pluses and minuses, but Will Affect the most expensive coffee in the world of elephant excrement and Asian Palm Civet on human health, people have yet to figure out.