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The porosity of the hair. Hair Care wysokoporowatych

The porosity of the hair. Hair Care wysokoporowatychThe porosity of the hair. Hair Care wysokoporowatych

Hair on the structure wysokoporowatej require troublesome maintenance. Fortunately, regular lotions, masks and oiling the hair quickly improve Their condition. Check to see Which treatments require your hair and beauty products That are best for your hair wysokoporowatych.

Usually we Wysokoporowate hair is curly hair and thick waves

The porosity of the hair is determined on the basis of Their '' health ''. hair wysokoporowate They are Considered to be the most damaged and diseased. They are Characterized by several features: puffed up, electrified, very quickly and willingly absorb water, nutrients and oils. Hair ends are split, and the same hair dry. Hair wysokoporowate are often as wires, stiff and dry, but also well arranged for this reason. After the thermal treatment (hair dryer, curling iron, straightener), we can notice a Their Significant deterioration in appearance - they look like dried hay. Wysokoporowate hair is usually we curls or waves.

The most common cause of high porosity hair bad care or lack thereof. Aggressive human intervention in the appearance of hair (dyeing, bleaching, treating the hair with hot air) Their condition worsens to the extent That it is no longer reversible. The only thing you can do in such a case, it is systematically nurture and nourish the hair and cut it regularly destroyed tip. After some time the hair should largely recover shine.

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The porosity of the hair. Hair Care niskoporowatych

How to DETERMINE the porosity of the hair? Low- and hair wysokoporowate CARE and TREATMENT OF HAIR porosity

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Excessive hair care can weaken them. Long-term use of cosmetics with proteins dries hair, Causing Their fragility. Excess of humectants and emollients May be excessively loaded, roughened and make the hair will start faster superfat. Long-term treatments are not Indicated. If you notice that the hair condition is deteriorating, wash it with shampoo with a small amount of ingredients.

Hair Care wysokoporowatych

hair wysokoporowate They do not like strong emotions. Because they themselves are hypersensitive, you must surround them with special care. Hair wysokoporowate tell everything about himself, too strong shampoo, too high temperatures, dry or moist environment - all this will be reflected in the condition of the hair. In order is properly take care of Their hair and apply dose of moisture, you need to follow a few important rules:

The porosity of the hair. Hair Care wysokoporowatych

  1. just wash your hair with gentle shampoo (eg. for small children), Which in its composition have as little detergent.
  2. Wash only the scalp, and the hair length Apply conditioner.
  3. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Hot expanding scales and do not wash away the cold kosmetków (you can wash your hair with cold water after washing is complete. Then closing the cassette shells, but the shower should last only a short while).
  4. Head massage gently washing the surface. Do not pull hair, do not rub vigorously.
  5. After washing your hair dry with a paper towel, Which collects excess water. Do not rub the hair rough towel and wrap the turban.
  6. Use conditioners and masks, Which are Composed of natural oils and emollients, humekanty, proteins.
  7. Allow to dry or use a hair dryer with a diffuser and a very low temperature. By drying the hair secure them with the appropriate Return preparation, for example. Conditioner spray.
  8. Do not sleep with wet hair. If you must, tie her hair in a bun or braid.
  9. Tie the very long hair in a braid, bun or ponytail, do not let them confuse and electrify.
  10. Cutting the ends of regularly (about once every 3 months).

Hair cosmetics wysokoporowatych

essential: Provide flexibility and softness of hair. oiling hair We are doing about an hour before washing by applying a thin layer of cosmetic product from roots of hair ends it. Will be the best seeds from fruit oils (omega-6), olive oil (omega-9), nuts (Italian, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts). Equally good are the oils of linseed, wheat, rice, oil argan, sesame, amaranth, or musk rose.

  • Deciding on oiling hair you have to develop its own system. Check how much your hair like that and oils. Best to try several and choose the ideal. With oil can be dry (oil applying to dry hair) or wet (by applying an oil or oil is wet hair conditioner). Better withstand less oil (approx. 30-40 minutes) than the post turban or oiled overnight. Too frequent oiling and long hair can Effectively przesuszyć wysokoporowate.

protein: cosmetics with proteins with small molecules penetrate the hair loss supplement in the scales. Thanks to them, the hair Becomes smoother and better fed. Protein molecular forms a protective layer on the surface of the hair.

  • Cosmetics warehouses in search of silk, milk protein, soy protein, keratin, collagen.

Humectants and emollients: humectants that bind water components. They retain water in the hair, moisturize. Humectants are, for example. Glycerol, aloe vera, honey, urea, sodium lactate, hyaluronic acid. They must be present together with emollients, or instead of the water collected in the hair, Facilitate the escape.

  • Emollients task it is protect the water molecules bonded to humectants. Emolioentami are, for example. Vegetable oils, paraffin, wax, silicone.

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