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The provisioning of the mask on the activated carbon for acne and impure

The provisioning of the mask on the activated carbon for acne and impureThe provisioning of the mask on the activated carbon for acne and impure

you know active carbon? This black pills you buy when you have stomach problems. After recovering from food poisoning coal lands on the bottom of the first aid kit, and can be useful in a make-up bag. The mask with activated carbon works well care acne, with blackheads, oily and marked discoloration. Check the recipe for black mask from coal.

Activated carbon mask cleanses the skin with blackheads and acne, Improves skin tone, but it dries the skin.

Active carbon used in cosmetics has antibacterial properties, purifying, astringent. The most ordinary coal pellets can Effectively clean the skin, remove the impurities, toxins and excess fat. Coal also cleanses the pores, Improves skin tone - aligns brightening discoloration. This is due it its adsorption ability. Coal is the strongest natural adsorbent. The cosmetic properties of the activated carbon could talk for hours, but it is best to try its effects firsthand.

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Currently, activated carbon can be found in many cosmetic composition for the care and treatment acne and mixed. They are gaining popularity cosmetics and home, for example carbon. Black soap with activated carbon. Remember, however, that the properties of carbon could reveal, it must remain on the skin at least 10 minutes and it's a big concentration. THUS, the usual skin care can not check.

examination seem homemade masks activated carbon. Mashed coal literally absorbs dirt, grease and dirt from the skin. Because coal dries the skin and can cause irritation, allergic to before the test.

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Preparation mask on activated carbon


  • Activated carbon pellets,
  • to choose from: a thick plain yogurt, cosmetic clay, water.

How to prepare masks. 2-3 pellets of activated carbon bags into small glasses and a teaspoon of water or yogurt. After a while, mash thoroughly Dissolved pills and mix. The Resulting pulps can impose on the face. If you want to be the mask was denser and more, add more yogurt or cosmetic clay. The proportions of the mask you choose the same, watching the best skin reaction. If you find the skin That Responds Well, next time you can add a tablet of coal.

The first time you put on the mask? Apply it on the face and neck. Subsequent treatments with masks can now be directed to selected parts of the skin, eg. A problematic zone T. The first time, hold the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Repeating the treatment can keep the mask on the skin all the way until you get tired of lying still.

The provisioning of the mask on the activated carbon for acne and impure

How often impose a mask of coal?

Activated carbon mask go ahead and applied to the skin up to 2 times a week (more often spot). Use of masks should be a form of treatment, so you should be systematic. Apply the mask twice a week for a month, and if the skin reacts well to it, you can continue to care for coal. Pay attention to your skin does not dry out excessively. Coal has drying properties. Frequent use of masks can act negatively on the skin. In dry cases, discontinue treatment mask.


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There are many recipes for homemade cosmetics, Which are designed for acne skin and problematic. The best masks are binary, because they are cheap and fast it produce. This mask is best to put two or three times a week and see how he reacts complexion. If you check the recipe, you can apply a mask on the whole face more spot or on contaminated areas.

Proven recipes for homemade cosmetics for acne and problematic:

  • mask with strawberries on acne and dandruff,
  • Aspirin mask for acne, blemishes and blackheads.
  • Domestic cosmetics blackheads,
  • Household cosmetics from brewer's yeast for acne.

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