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To avoid HEADACHE, use appropriate Return DIET

To avoid HEADACHE, use appropriate Return DIETTo avoid HEADACHE, use appropriate Return DIET
Why migraine diet is so important? Because the cause of up to 40 percent of migraine attacks is hunger! If you belong to this people prone This type of headache - you have to watch your diet. Do not leave home without breakfast. Do not replace a lunch and dinner, coffee or another all the bars.

Only Those Who have never suffered from migraine, That this small scoff ailment rozkapryszonych girls. With the Increasing pace of life in a constantly arriving and Responsibilities, Increasing the number of people affected by this nightmare. Both men and women - and in all ages. Ladies complaining of migraines, however, is more than two times more than men.

Why? Their nerve cells in the cerebral cortex are most negative stimuli is sensitive, dry as lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuations, spikes atmospheric pressure, stress, or Certain substances contained in the food. Ladies taking care of the slender line more often than men apply a hunger strike. However, the body stands up for her and it's very painful. Too large a drop in blood sugar Caused by hunger, the reason the majority of migraine headaches!

The Therefore, before the blame not the boss, husband or weather, remember it regularly jadaniu three, even light meals and is already starting with breakfast.

Diet with migraines: Banquet ambush

There are a lot of foods That should be avoided, because they can provoke a migraine. US National Headache Foundation foods jokingly Defines it as impressive cocktail menu. They CONSIST of cheese, nuts, chocolate, smoked meats and fish, pickles, coffee and alcohol. These include, among others, substances Causing a rapid contraction and quick, and THUS painful dilation of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex. So it does, for example. Caffeine.

Migraine pain can also manifest an allergic reaction is Certain products from the list, Considered as potential allergens, eg. Citrus fruits, chocolate and nuts. The first two have tyrazynę in its composition, the amino acid is also present in mature cheese rennet and mold, as well as in beer, red wine and other products produced in the fermentation process. From Tyrazyny produced tyramine in the body, Which helps Maintain normal blood pressure, but in the presence of Certain drugs, too high concentrations May be toxic. Cocktail menu contains only some of the products Suspected of Causing migraines. Others lie in wait for vulnerable people in more everyday Situations.

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Unregistered, 04/21/2017 23:21
The only way to get rid of migraines are foot massages Performed by fachowca.Uciskanie respective receptors although a little painful effects gives niesamowite.Bart
Unregistered, 04/15/2017 10:54
Jako12 year-old child Began to suffer migraine with aura, unfortunately, I mean. each attack started me in August and snapshots very strong; generally trouble then I embrace my body, I could not talk, etc. is best to lie down and not move you haunted me once in a while, sometimes once every two months sometimes once a month, but recently I had so I had attack after attack, ie. These floor, on the second day and then a long, long peace wymęczyło it to me so that you 'do not want to live !! the Internet in search of salvation la my pain I found something sensational, or oil Karun after prolonged use Began attacks subside today's jet concatenate fields, the use of the extract, and I did not, not a single migraine attack. I would recommend Those who suffer as I suffered. I bought the extract, I do not think that you 'can buy in the store

Diet with migraines: be careful what you eat

To avoid HEADACHE, use appropriate Return DIETThe cause of migraines also be small nitrates, commonly used for the preservation and curing meats and sausages. They are present in canned products of inferior quality ground sausages as sausages or mortadella. But różowiutkie hams and hams are also formed using them. Dried meats, for example. Salami, pepperoni and can also cause migraines. They CONTAIN not only nitrates but, equally unfavorable migrenowców is histamine.

Particular trap, however, are all products and food containing sodium glutamate, excluding the food industry could not function. At this additive are based all Concentrates, instant soups, dishes and cups in bags and gravy powders. And let us not be fooled by the lack of MSG among the ingredients of the product. It Occur small under various names, E.G. .: Autolyzed yeast extract, vegetable protein hydrolyzate or natural flavor. Sources of glutamate are also mixed spices, soy sauce, extracts: malt and barley, soy protein and whey, stock cubes, smoke flavoring and even chips. You have a really great foresight and jam investigator, would all this do not get lost.

Keep a diary and write down what triggered migraine

But Remember That it is only a potential threat. Do not panic and jump to the Conclusion That eating any of These products Immediately and everybody will trigger a migraine attack.

It's a very individual thing. It is worth while to pay more attention to what we eat and how the feel after that. A great help in drawing Conclusions will be keeping a diary, in Which We write, what we ate That Day. Generally provoked migraine Particular product, Appears in two or three hours after eating. Repeated attacks of pain "chińszczyźnie" (comprising of for example. Sodium glutamate and soy sauce), salad or citrus will be in the clear signal That must give up the dishes.

Let us also not products combine several suspects in one meal because, perhaps, only one of them is harmful to us. It should also be noted That Certain foods can cause suffering only in specific Situations. There are known cases of sudden pain after eating greedy hard frozen ice cream or sorbet. Also, milk and dairy products can cause migraine headaches. Is prone to migraines do not have to deprive us of the pleasure of food many delicious things. After all banned products are only a small part of a multitude of possibilities.

Necessarily make it

  • We choose lean meat and white.
  • Chips replace us rich in magnesium buckwheat or rice paddy.
  • We limit the amount of fats and, if possible, replace it in the animal the plant. Recommend fish oil acting is mildly anti-inflammatory, and by the richness of vitamin E regulates vascular blood flow.
  • Instead of herring or anchovies, let's get the salmon, cod or carp. They are an excellent source of vitamin B6, the lack of Which can manifest itself just migraines.
  • Wzbogaćmy diet green olives, seeds, among others, sunflower and wheat germ, Which will help bring the level of copper. Its deficiency predisposes this headaches.
  • Do not forget oimbirze, cayenne pepper and chilli papryczce. Powdered ginger can be added to foods and infuse the tea. Directly suitable for eating raw and candy. While in the other two spices is capsaicin, having analgesic effect.

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