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Topiary Coffee with your hands, and master class

Topiary Coffee with your hands, and master class

Who does not love the invigorating aroma of coffee?! Probably not many ... Bridge experience to the coffee aroma and taste of the warm feelings I would like to invite you to a master class on making "soaring circles", so it is called, with grains of coffee. Such a composition perfectly fit into the interior kitchen and cheer you in the morning. . . Its flavor will lift your mood, especially if you prepare some more coffee with halva.

Topiary Coffee Their Own Hands - a master class.

For its production need:

- thick wire - 35 cm;

- tea pair;

- natural coffee grain - 70 g;

- ribbons for decoration;

- butterfly for decoration;

- flowers for decoration;

- light brown beads;

- wide satin ribbon brown - 40 cm;

- sandpaper;

- pliers;

- sculpture clay;

- insulating tape;

- glue gun and glue cartridges.

Wire bending pliers follows.

Try on a mug and saucer. They should be well combined. We wrap it with electrical tape.

Sandpaper is remove the layer of paint the attachment point of the wire, on the cup and the bottom of the saucer.

This is the ensure that the glue That is well grappled with the surface and held tight.

Glue hot glue and wire to circle, Causes of the thick layer of glue, so That it is entirely covered wires.

Subject to complete solidification. Then, glue the second end of the wire to the saucer also abundantly wire covering adhesive.

Leave to harden.

When the glue is thoroughly frozen, we have daubed clay sculptural wire, forming a stream of the desired shape.

Then wrapped with, brown satin ribbon wire, you can not use ribbon, and fabric, adhesive tape small be of a different color, and then paint the paint in brown color.

This is Necessary That the ensure that it took less coffee beans to a spacing between the grains was not white lumens.

Now you can proceed this gluing coffee beans. Glue is applied to the side with a slot, and a small amount of the adhesive, then not stood out among the grains. It will not look aesthetically pleasing, although a bit he will still shine.

Do not worry, from a distance it will not be noticeable. Grains begin to stick downward from the cup to the saucer, closing gaps in two layers sticking.

The rear side of the cup (bedplate) seal the grains.

Getting to the decor. Uniformly pale brown glue beads across the surface of the coffee flow.

Tie a bow from two strips: brown and green peas, cut off the tips of obliquely to the desired length.

Glue the flower to the bow.

Glue Resulting ribbon to the handle of the cup.

Posada decorative butterfly, sticking it on a saucer.

Topiary our coffee, made with his own hands Soaring mug ready.

Periodically dry cleaning, and topiary of the coffee will last you a very long time. If the smell of coffee out of steam after a while (although the coffee for a long time keeps the smell), you can add essential oils of coffee, the smell will become saturated again.

Enjoy your creativity!

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