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Torrefacto coffee – unusual coffee

Torrefacto coffee - unusual coffee

Recently, the stores can see the different varieties of coffee. They differ in the way of roasting, as well as taste and aromatic qualities. But among such a large number of coffee can not miss a single variety That stands out for its dark lacquered coffee beans on the background of others.

And moreover, These are different in appearance coffee beans can be found in a single package.

Of course, Those who are not versed in coffee, Immediately think of some trick. But this is not the case. In the hands of an inexperienced lover coffee beverage pack torrefacto coffee.

Torrefacto - this roasting coffee beans with the addition of sugar. As a result of roasting beans Occurs caramelization and they acquire a glossy appearance. This coffee is Considered unusual.

During the roasting of coffee beans in this manner significantly improved taste and aroma of the product.

For the first time a method of roasting beans torrefakto been tried in Spain for more than 70 years ago. In our time, there are specialty coffee lovers who prefer a coffee roasting. Examining a coffee, the researchers came to the Conclusion That grain, roasted with sugar, contains in its composition several times more antioxidants than found in other varieties of coffee. In addition, doctors from Spain torrefacto coffee was recognized as the best source of antioxidants. They are well protect our body from free radicals,.

And because they are known organism is aging prematurely.

Since torrefacto Refers to the strong coffees, it is added to coffee beans are roasted That in the usual way to improve the taste. Such coffee blends are called mezcla. That they prepare cup of strong coffee take about 5 grams unusual torrefacto coffee.

This coffee has become popular in Russia. It is a brand Oquendo (Spain). In Spain, the brand is very well known.

And any Spaniard who loves coffee, be sure to choose the brand, as it has many advantages With. First of all, the preparation of espresso, you can save a lot of coffee, while its flavor does not change. In addition, this drink is loved for its amazing properties, Which have a positive effect on the human body.

And most importantly - it is very tasty, fragrant and unique drink! Everyone who tries it, agree with it.

Marcus Oquendo did not forget about Those Who are caffeine is contraindicated. For Those Oquendo offers coffee lovers coffee without caffeine.

As we know, a large role in the selection of coffee and packaging plays. Whatever the gourmet coffee was not, but if the package is bad, then it is sure it will spoil. In addition, oxygen ingress into coffee grains deteriorates its quality and condition. The Therefore, Oquendo minimizes contact with air Obtained product. roasted coffee packaging comes in a package with a valve.

The very material from which made packaging, it corresponds modern standards and Requirements.

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