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Treatments for hair: 5 most popular professional hair treatments

Treatments for hair: 5 most popular professional hair treatmentsTreatments for hair: 5 most popular professional hair treatments

When the hair is in bad condition, often we are not able to help them ordinary cosmetics and home treatments. In order that deeply nourish and rebuild the hair, we can choose one of the popular treatments offered in salons.

Performed professional hair treatments in salons. Preparations used during treatments and modern technology allow for an in-depth regeneration of hair, and even the repair hair structure

The structure of the hair is destroyed by dyeing, bleaching, frequent hair straightening or incompetent in high temperatures or direct sunlight. We then see That are dry, brittle, lusterless and pompous. This Strengthen the hair, you can use special cosmetics Aimed at reconstruction, wcierki or supplements - to get your dream result, but need time and regularity. With the treatments offered in hairdressing salons, hair condition can be improved Immediately, and the effects will persist for a long time.

Steam Sauna hair

sauna hair otherwise treatment using water vapor is popular for several years. It begins with washing the hair, Which is then applied nourishing mask or ampoule. The type of preparation depends on the living room and the needs of the customer. Then he sits under the dome, resembling a traditional hairdressing hair. This device produces steam at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Heat and humidity Affect the opening of the scales of hair, and the substances contained in the mask can easily penetrate into it. Additionally, the treatment has a bactericidal effect, cleanses the hair and scalp and Improves blood circulation.

The price of one treatment: approx. 40 zł - 60 zł.

At the end of a hairdresser hair is rinsed with cold water to close the hair scales. The time of the whole procedure is approx. 40 min., Of Which approx. 20 minutes. We spend under the camera. Effects of treatment: The hair is smooth and shiny, penetrating the hair mask moisturizes and strengthens them. The treatment also stimulates hair growth. If your hair is very damaged, recommended a series of 4-5 treatments Performed every week.

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Hair keratin straightening

Keratin hair straightening recommended for people Whose hair is badly damaged, strutting, and the situation can not be controlled with styling products. You can perform it on color-treated hair and bleached. The effect of the treatment is that straighten the hair, so it can seem especially suitable for people with curly hair. Everyone, however, can take advantage of the benefits of keratin, and the straightening effect will be an advantage in People Whose hair is naturally do not want to arrange and often remain in disarray.

Keratin is a natural component builds hair and nails. During the treatment, the hair is covered with a substance in high content of keratin, then straightens the hair at a temperature of 220 - 230 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the open scales of the hair and keratin penetrates and Permanently complements the structure and construction of the hair.

The price of one treatment (depending on hair length): approx. 400 - 600 zł.

After the treatment the hair is straight, smooth, shiny, and above all, naturally enhanced. There are no problems with laying Their cease to be a swagger. Preparation of keratin does not burden the hair. The effects persist for 3 to 5 months, the better the result Achieved on the thin hair.

For 2-3 days after surgery you can not wash your hair, soak and best avoided staying in moisture. There should also be daisy hair and tie. To keep the effects of the treatment as long as possible, should use shampoos without SLS and keratin content of nutrients.

Reconstruction of hair Joico K-Pak

Hair reconstruction procedure involves cleaning of the hair structure, and Strengthen it is with a more preparations are applied after the other.

  • Stage 1 - cleaning - washing your hair a deep cleansing shampoo.
  • Step 2 - smoothing the hair porosity - the hair is distributed conditioner, Which restores the skin's proper pH and smoothes the hair structure. Conditioner is left for a few minutes, then rinse.
  • Step 3 - reconstruction - applying a formulation comprising of 19 amino acids, Which are designed to restore and Strengthen hair.
  • Step 4 - wetting - the use of a moisturizing conditioner, Which smooths, polishes and closes the hair scales. The formulations are and conditioners used during surgery includes natural moisturizing dry ingredients as: aloe, guava, jojoba oil and shea butter.

Treatments for hair: 5 most popular professional hair treatmentsThe whole procedure takes approx. 30 - 40 minutes. However, in the case of very damaged hair, each step can be repeated several times this Achieve a satisfactory effect, the Therefore, the treatment time be longer small.

The price of one treatment: approx. 150 - 250 zł.

Effects of treatment: The hair is soft, smooth and shiny. The treatment is Carried out to improve the condition of hair, the difference will be felt Particularly Those struggling with the issue splitting ends. Reconstruction also very well check before the planned coloration or perm. With treatment, hair styling Subsequent stages will have no negative impact on the condition of the hair and the color will be longer lasting and more intense.

Watch a video on how keratin hair straightening:

Treatment for hair infrared

Hairdressing salons offer treatment with the straightener Emits infrared and ultrasound, the device has a special name - cichlid. The treatment begins with washing your hair, each band is then applied nourishing preparation. The formulation is inserted into the hair structure by Means of cichlid. IR heats the inside of the hair, avoiding the surface, so there is the desiccant.

The price of one treatment: approx. 50 - 70 zł.

The primary radiation is the formation of new combinations of amino acids in the structure of the hair and it Facilitate penetration of the formulation. Cichlid also produces ultrasonic waves That change of the molecules of water and nutrients into the gaseous state, so That Effectively penetrate its interior. The whole procedure takes approx. 40 min. The treatment results in moisturizing and smoothing hair. It is recommended as a method of extending the life of coloration. It should not be repeated more than 3 times a month, as in charge of the preparations small hair.

Botox for hair

intervention Botox for hair It is to open the scales of the hair by washing Their specialist cleansing shampoo, and zaaplikowaniu serum. His name OWES treatment method application serum - it is distributed through the hair using a syringe. Composition of the serum has nothing to do with Botox, particles are formed by forming the inside of the hair combination of amino acids and binding them with keratin.

The price of one treatment: approx. Of 40 - 60 zł.

At the end of the hair mask is applied is closing the hair scales. The procedure takes approx. 40 min. The result of the surgery and repair hair structure, Strengthening and smoothing the hair. The effect lasts for several weeks.


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