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TREATMENTS, Which eliminates cellulite

TREATMENTS, Which eliminates celluliteTREATMENTS, Which eliminates cellulite
Serious fight against cellulite start by visiting a doctor or Dermatologist aesthetic medicine. Before a doctor will decide on the method of treating skin watch and want to find out about eating habits.

cellulite treatments

The severity of cellulite DETERMINE the ultrasound is best done using a special head Investigating the condition of the subcutaneous tissue. Then your doctor will PRESCRIBE treatment, first in the doctor's office, later in the cosmetic. Here are the most commonly Performed procedures:

  • mesotherapy - in places of cellulite Which doctor injected substances improve the blood circulation (eg. routine, artichoke extract) or accelerate the burning of fat (eg. caffeine, carnitine procaine). First, and 4 treatments at each week, and then two, four weeks apart. Price: from 180 zł
  • carbosyntheraphy - by Means of a special device the physician is Introduced under the skin of carbon dioxide. The treatment accelerates fat burning and metabolism Improves. It is Carried out on average twice a week for 6-8 weeks. Price: approx. 150 zł
  • cellulipoliza - ekarz puts a needle into the fatty two thin needle, and then passed between the current low frequency. Under his influence vessels dilate and Increase blood flow and metabolism. As a result, the cells much faster toxins are removed. Preferably 6 to undergo treatment on a weekly basis. Price: approx. 120 zł
  • endermology - beautician performs a head massage roller. In the space between them is formed to change the pressure and vacuum. The head sucks the skin and in this way it massages. Endermologie Improves venous and lymphatic circulation, and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers. You need to perform at least 12 procedures, 2-3 in the first week, then once a week. Price: 100-200 zł Ultrasound Treatment involves moving the skin probe emitting ultrasound. It is a method of supporting the cosmetic treatments - use ultrasonic anti-cellulite cosmetics reach deeper. Usually we recommended in a series of 4-6 treatments. Price: approx. 150 zł

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TREATMENTS, Which eliminates cellulite

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romamaja, 28/08/2017 14:38
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As for me, the fight against cellulite treatments is the best option and probably the only really effective. Because diets, exercise ... Of course it is also important, but I know slender girl with well-being, Which, however, have an orange peel.

  • lymphatic drainage - special massage Performed manually or using a variety of devices. Assisted by the blood and lymph circulation, facilitates drainage of water from the tissues. The cycle includes 10-20 lymphatic drainage treatments repeated at least twice a week. Price: 50-120 zł
  • body wrap - lubricates the skin cosmetic preparations stimulating circulation, client wrap in foil and covered with an electric blanket. The treatment Removes swelling and accelerates fat burning. You need it to 6-10 treatments. Price: 80-300 zł
  • Body mix - Cosmetic uses for treatment device That combines the bio-stimulating effect of the laser, and apparatus for pressure massage and Cryotherapy photostimulation. Laser helps perfectly Improves circulation and metabolism in the cells, breaks down fat cells and massage Cryotherapy and support fotostymulacja Eliminate fat burning and swelling. Best done in a series of 10 treatments. Price: approx. 250 zł

Cellulite treatments done at home

Remember That the same study room care is not enough. Very important are also regularly Performed treatments at home. When you take a shower, change the water from the hot to the cold, because it stimulates circulation. When washing a massage in circular motions with a sponge or a special glove. Follow up from the feet to the waist. During each use shower gel peelingującego or twice a week, make a traditional scrub. In this way, you get rid of the horny layer of the epidermis, THUS and the skin will better absorb substances in cosmetics. Twice a day for a few minutes vigorously rub it in anti-cellulite cream. You want a small pinch and knead affected places to orange peel, because it will Stimulate blood circulation. Anti-cellulite creams CONTAIN agents that accelerate the burning of fat (ie. Theophylline, caffeine and carnitine), reinforcing the walls of blood components (arnica, routine wąkrotkę Asian) or improve circulation (Melilot, Japanese ginkgo, ivy). You have a choice - in pharmacies and drugstores find cellulite preparations in various forms and prices. That Increase the effectiveness of Their actions, cosmetic companies have put the whole anti-cellulite treatments consisting of several products, eg. Intensive serum, gel and lotion for washing.

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