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Turk for coffee or pots – features and selection rules

Turk for coffee or pots - features and selection rulesTurk (or otherwise # 171; # 187 pots) - is a thick-walled vessel, Which is designed for the preparation Of These, thick and fragrant coffee specialties. For us, the more familiar name - # 171; # 187; and the Turk in Turkey it is called # 171; # 187;, pots and in Saudi Arabia and Syria, the pot called the # 171; Dalla # 187; or # 171; ibrik # 187;.   

turks forms

Externally Turk (pots) for coffee is very similar to a small dipper with the shape of the jug. The narrower the neck and the wider the bottom, the more fragrant and tastier cooked coffee. Due to the large heating area, coffee brewed quickly, without having to lose most of its beneficial properties.

And due to the narrow neck, in a dense Cezve # 171; # 187 Plug; foam, Which Prevents the evaporation of the true aroma and flavor of the coffee. Also in its form it resembles a bucket pots, because of her pen. Incidentally, in the must pay great attention to this detail when buying pots. It is desirable to handle pots had wooden floor and had a sufficiently long.

  With this structure, the chance to get burned during cooking coffee equated it to zero. You also need to pay attention to hardware knobs, it is better to buy pots for brewing coffee with a handle, attached with two bolts. Many believe That the removable handles better, it is convenient to wash and store.

But the must-Remember That coffee is brewed Mainly in the morning, unable to sleep properly, and remove the pots from the fire must be very fast, so it will not perekipel.

The size

As for the size they should be small. Deemed classics pots dry That accommodates no more than 0. 1 liter of water. That it is believed the smaller pots, the more delicious and aromatic coffee cooked in it.

But in a small posudinke not make coffee for several people at once. So, before purchasing, think of how many cups you need to make coffee.


Traditional Turkish made of hammered copper. But now in stores you can find made of bronze, stainless steel, silver, brass, aluminum, ceramics and fired clay.

metal Turk

If you are important ease of care, durability and reliability, choose the metal. Such pots are not explode, and will not break. But as is known, when heated metals emit harmful substances, and the Therefore it will be better to choose copper, aluminum or iron with the food of the tin coating.

copper Turk

Pots made of copper, are Considered among the best of the metal on the right. They have a uniform and sufficiently high thermal conductivity, Which is also Characterized by Increased durability and strength. Also, due to the thick bottom, coffee in copper Cezve will cool rapidly.

clay Turk

At a copper Turks still has some competitors - ceramic and earthenware pots. Pots, made from baked clay, due to the porous material relief will enhance aroma and flavor properties of the beverage. During the first cooking clay pots, just absorb the drink, and during the preparations they give Subsequent Their accumulated stock of taste and aroma. As a result of all this, the drink is prepared a rich and fragrant.

If the pots are made of breathable clay, it also further Top enriches the drink with oxygen, so the drink flavor is revealed at 100% The only disadvantage of dry pots - is the fact That it is possible to cook only one type of coffee, the sort that was used during the first cooking.

ceramic Turk

Also there is an option That is perfect for Those Who do not like metal utensils and loves to save space in the kitchen - a ceramic Turk. In contrast to the clay in this Cezve, you can cook every time a new type of coffee. Plus - Ceramic pots are absolutely harmless to the human body and have high thermal conductivity, making coffee in it Continues to boil, even after removing from heat. Less ceramic pots - high price with a little longevity!

Even with careful treatment, you almost can not avoid small cracks and chips.

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