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What is better for the home coffee maker or espresso machine

What is better for the home coffee maker or espresso machine

If there was a question about what is best for the home coffee maker or espresso machine, so soon to be important purchase. Cup of refreshing and delicious coffee in the morning - it's a real pleasure. Of course, instant coffee is not going to any comparison with natural coffee, and especially, cooked According to the canons.

Modern equipment manufacturers offer a variety of devices for the home, That Facilitate and automate the process of making coffee. Of course, it is important to buy high-quality grain, but Their Subsequent proper cooking - it is, as already said, a matter of technique.

What is the difference

It DETERMINE order of the hundred best home coffee maker or espresso machine, you need to understand what, in principle, different technology. After all, before all, to cook a delicious coffee, you can use a Turk - a small ladle, Which is heated in the fire.

Today, it is not Necessary for a long time to train at the stove, then experiment with the proportions it Achieve the rich taste of coffee. Enough to buy a machine That will do everything for you. Immediately comes to mind is coffee. But you only look at the picture of this device - it is huge and has in appearance it is clear That the only suitable for commercial purposes.

Yes, the coffee machine must Necessarily be in the cafe, the restaurant, but certainly not at home in the kitchen.

But For Those who are looking after the device for brewing coffee is currently in an apartment or house, Suitable coffee. In operation, this technique is not difficult, it is Necessary only once to deal with Those That are Responsible for the specific button. Copes perfectly with the coffee brewing coffee, but, depending on the filling of the beverage preparation process a small vary.

Types of coffee makers on the specifics of coffee:

1. Drip. This is the cheapest version of the coffee maker. Its feature Is that the water is heated Separately is 100 degrees Celsius, and then, drop by drop, flows into the lower compartment. This bay is already ground coffee.

After grains reveal its taste and aroma in boiling water, drained the coffee in a special container, and you can safely drink the beverage. Cooked in a drip coffee maker beverage in the world it is called "American coffee".

2. It is also now very popular coffee makers carob, who work for a couple of tools. The water tank is heated, when the steam is Sufficient, it passes through the compartment with the ground coffee. In current models of pressure can be created not only steam but also a special pump.

On the downside is the fact That the open-end coffee machines are more expensive and cumbersome than a drip.

3. Geyser coffee in appearance very similar to the usual metal kettle. But if you look closely, the device has two parts. The lower compartment is filled with water, and the top to put coffee.

When the water boils, then it enters a special pipe going up and mysterious brewing process. Geyser coffee makers can be operated from the mains, there are instances only for the plate.

4. In recent years, are extremely popular capsule coffee makers. They are often installed not only at home but in the office. For brewing coffee is a Necessary purchase special capsules, Which is pressed coffee.

It turns out that you 'just need to put the capsule into the machine, pour the water and press the button, and the rest will make the machinery itself already.

Consider if on the principle of the standard coffee machine, it is similar to the locust bean coffee maker. It will be Necessary to heat the water to a vapor state and then pressurized skip milled grain. According to the principle of the device can be semi-automatic (you need to grind the beans, cover them Separately whisk milk) or automatic (no need for extra work, everything is done the machine on the machine).

What is better for the home coffee maker or espresso machine? In fact, here it does not matter what kind of device to buy. You can just brew coffee on the stove, because the most important thing is that you drink Obtained tasty and fragrant.

In this regard, of course, delicious coffee will be in the coffee machine. Especially, it is suitable for cooking, Including a cappuccino or latte.

What other differences worth paying attention to:

1. The fastest way coffee is prepared in the coffee machine. Occurs because the process under high pressure and within minutes the drink is ready. In coffee machines often have to wait for the beverage from 1 to 10 minutes depending on the type of device, its power.

2. The coffee machine coffee Obtained more aromatic because of the Particular technology.

3. The coffee machine is possible that usually we prepare several cups of coffee. In the coffee machine, as a rule, such a function is not provided.

4. But the coffee takes up little space, just do not have to look in the kitchen and separate corner for her.

Now, having complete information about how to make coffee, and a device used for this purpose depending on the situation, you get easier to make an independent choice in favor of buying a coffee maker or espresso machine.

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