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What is the difference maker from coffee machines.

What is the difference maker from coffee machines.

Tea and coffee - a computerized device for making coffee. What's the difference between the two devices? In this article, we will learn the differences between coffee and espresso machine.


There are basic types of coffee machines - a geyser, drip, carob (espresso coffee machines), capsule coffee makers, elektroturki. In the coffee machine, although it is to some extent automated, the cooking process the coffee is still Means more than human involvement in the coffee machine. Ie. If you prefer to grind the coffee beans just before preparing the drink (that's right, and it is recommended for a more fragrant and delicious coffee), then you need to load them into the grinder and grind. Then you need to measure out the ground coffee (7-12 g. Per serving) and place it in the coffee maker.

In the case of locust bean coffee machine, still in need to frame it into the Holder. Then press the button and wait for fresh coffee.

Coffee machines.

Coffee machine - a device for preparing coffee, in Which the entire process of making coffee fully automatic, from grinding coffee beans and ending with metered spill. The coffee machine, human intervention is only to put the roasted coffee beans into a hopper, pour the water in a special container and set the cooking program coffee. After some time, it is already possible to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee.

Coffee machines, coffee machines like small differ in complexity and costs THUS, but the main difference between These devices for preparing coffee - the degree of human intervention in the process of preparing a beverage.

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