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What is the most useful of coffee

What is the most useful of coffeeUseful or harmful to coffee, this question trying to figure out many scientists. And still a definite answer so no one has found. Just as clearly, and to say how much you can drink the drink without harm's health.

German scientists from the Institute of health food recently completed study. The study lasted for more than five years, to be exact - 67 months. In the experiment, it was attended by more than 2,000 ordinary Germans. The findings surprised many.

That it turned out coffee is the most useful - it's not coffee beans and freshly ground, and - the gourmet coffee in capsules. According to the German scientist Albert Gesheftgabera, who led the research, the coffee Ensures getting into our bodies the largest amount of nutrients That are contained in its grains. Capsule coffee aroma is able Maintain it over the years and all useful minerals. Due to the fact That the coffee capsule has not yet been extended, the most useful of coffee - it's just natural that you 'made from freshly ground coffee beans. Soluble coffee inferior to the natural taste of indicators, as well as the strength of flavor, and, of course, on the extent of its usefulness.

But the thing Is That in the soluble coffee is not: lipids, minerals, tannins, vitamins, carbohydrates and tannins contained in the grain. The only thing That Remains in the soluble coffee - is the caffeine in a soluble it is more aggressive effect on the body. With decaffeinated coffee business is not better.

Removing caffeine is impossible without the use of organic Solvents. They are already purified caffeine in the coffee, form very dangerous for our body chemicals are able That is onkologicheskiezabolevaniya develop. And if you have any health problems, it is better to give up coffee, well, or try to reduce the amount of caffeine.

How to reduce the caffeine content?
What is the most useful of coffee
In each class the number of coffee caffeine content varies. In # 171; Arabica # 187; This invigorating the body substance is less than 1/3 # 171; Robusta # 187;. In addition, when the beverage brewing can resort to some tricks. For example, that caffeine was not able it completely switch from coffee beans into the water, while it is brewing need to minimize.

It is this milled grains are not filled with cold water, as is usually we've done, and hot. Then, put on fire, and bring to a boil. After you need to drink drain and pour into cups.

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