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Whether coffee is compatible with alcohol

Whether coffee is compatible with alcoholCaffeine is a natural stimulant effective representative. He can successfully improve your mood, Increase attention and reduce fatigue. He is a member of chocolate, mate, coffee and tea.

Addictions traditionally Considered to be addicted to coffee and alcohol. To end the vicious way of life here, you can add a smoking cigarette.

But sometimes you want to go to a favorite restaurant with a close friend or a friend and enjoy a glass of good brandy with a cup of coffee. But ... You can not ... bad ... Researchers have found That drinking coffee with absolutely incompatible. Favorite coffee will not help at the time of hangover, but could only harm the body. Conclusion This was based on laboratory tests That were and conducted on mice. Rodents were given alcohol and caffeine Separately together.

These then we studied in rodents. The experimental results Showed That: when the joint consumption of caffeine and alcohol (ethanol), there is a blocking action of one substance for another. For example: Decreased alcohol the stimulating effect of caffeine.

Whether caffeine is able to help the drinker sober person
Whether coffee is compatible with alcohol
There is a myth That caffeine is able to fight the effects of intoxication. Scientists have refuted the myth. With its help it is impossible to sober up and harm the body will not be difficult.

Caffeine is able that create the illusion of courage and of alcohol taken become weakened attention and critical attitude that his actions, then all together are able Encourage people to Unforeseen actions. In this state, a person can not adequately assess Their level of intoxication. He can continue to drink alcohol, but it can cause severe poisoning of the body. It should also be noted That drinking a cup of coffee drunk man gives false assurance That he was not drunk and Their actions can control.

It can be cheerful and confident. For example, in a state to drive a car, Which can lead this tragic Consequences. It should also be remembered That of coffee drinks yellowing enamel of the teeth, even if the coffee add milk. And if it is mixed with any drunk an alcoholic beverage, and the breath of the obviously will not have the smell of fresh mint.

Conclusion. It is recommended, due to the above Reasons, do not combine things like caffeine and alcoholic beverages!

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