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WINTER CARE face, body and hair

WINTER CARE face, body and hairWINTER CARE face, body and hair
That you feel your body, face and hair require additional protection when the cold and wind outside, the house dry and hot air from the radiator? In dry conditions, taking care of beauty is Particularly important, otherwise the skin of the face and body will be dry and rough, and the hair will superfat and electrify. Here are ways that Winter skin care and hair and makeup winter.

Your skin does not like changes in temperature. If the flat is 20 ° C and below the outside to zero, the difference is the real shock. Under the influence of cold found just under the skin blood vessels narrows rapidly to expand as rapidly when you find yourself in a warm room. This exercise does not Affect Their condition it well and consequently extend Permanently. In this way spider veins, That is, before the translucent skin blood vessels.

When the temperature drops below zero weaken skin's Natural Defenses. Sebaceous glands are working properly and produces too little of the substance oiling. They are then able to provide your adequate protection for the skin. Devoid sealed lipid layer Loses moisture and rapidly dehydrated, it Becomes rough and is more susceptible irritation. Besides, because the blood circulates more slowly, it reaches with less nutrients, so skin Appears ashen.

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Winter care - face cream for winter

Light formulations are in the form of gels or Emulsions Which are very useful in the summer, not enough to secure the winter. Cream skin needs now forming on the surface layer That protects it from frost and wind. Best is That Which Will Provide Appropriate not only an amount of oiling substances, and at the same time protect against water loss. The skin does not need every day of heavy creams winter. For dry fat cream would be the best, and the mixed oily or vanishing completely enough.

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after special creams for the winter reach for only when you are going for a long walk or going for skiing. Substances include not only protection against the cold and soothing any irritation. Incorporating are also UV filters. Do not be fooled by appearances, that in cloudy winter days, the skin does not need sunscreen. The sun reflecting off the snow can cause severe facial erythema, even if it seems that it is not too strong. The Therefore, sunscreen should be used all year round, Regardless of weather or time of year.

Winter care - Protection of the skin from moisture loss

The air heated radiators in rooms is not conducive Maintaining the proper level of skin hydration. Water is then "pulled" from the inside. This process is the stronger, the weaker become a protective barrier of the epidermis. For this reason, you should use indoors moisturizing creams. They CONTAIN supplying the skin with moisture, but also restricting the loss of water and THUS for the Preventing dehydration. Regularly, once or twice a week, apply on face strong moisturizing mask, Which Effectively and quickly regenerate the skin dehydrated.

  • Essential winter humidifier is also hung on the radiator. Thanks to a couple falls away humidifies the air in rooms and dehydrated skin is not so Drastically.

Winter Care - Night regeneration of face and body

WINTER CARE face, body and hairEvening duty, Regardless of Whether a painting or not, is accurate facial make-up removal. If it is irritated, use a gentle washing or cleaning preparations in the form of an emulsion or milk. Only after this procedure, you can pat and Suitable cream. At night, when you sleep, your body does not idle. The skin was then starts regenerate it and very happy to accept the nutrients contained in cosmetics. The Therefore it is worth reaching for a bedtime strongly regenerating creams. They Provide essential nutrients and soothe irritation.

Do not forget about your neck and neck. During the day they are hidden under layers of clothes and a shawl. Oxygenated skin does not look very nice. Often it is ashen and dried. Her care enough cream do you use for your face, but you can also use special preparations for the care of the neck and décolleté.

Winter care - moisturizing mouth

That lipsticks CONTAIN a lot of water, a little fatty substances, compounded by dry skin. In the winter, These are good only for Preventing the drying, eg. The content of glycerin or petrolatum. The Therefore, do not now use a lightweight moisturizing lipsticks, Jul Which malowałaś summer. If you do not like the color of lipstick, always lubricate the lips colorless protective lipsticks.
Refrain from licking lips in the cold and wind. Not nawilżysz them in this way, on the contrary - will dry faster and even more chapped. If they break, do not zadziorków nibbles and peel them with your fingers, because then rise miniranki. Lubricate the lips thick layer of nutrient cream.

Winter Care - Protective makeup

It requires not only the body warm in winter clothing covering. Also worth face "dress" in layers. Additional protection against the cold and wind, in addition to "cream-colored quilt" is also a make-up. Their first used a fluid cream is applied to denser than normal consistency, and a layer of powder. The best will be compact powder in stone, because create a thicker protective layer than sand.
Also remember przypudrowaniu paragraph before painting Their lipstick. With this lipstick will be better kept, and his lips gain additional protection.

Winter care - how to get rid of dry skin?

Your skin is dry as paper? In the evening, when you take off tights, you see white flakes on them? Nothing unusual. The skin is hidden under thick clothes, and THUS less oxygenated. Besides being poorly Supplied with blood, and the blood just after reaching the Necessary nutrients. The Therefore, it has a slightly ashen color and flake off.

This is the recipe for its moisturizing and oiling. Bath oils or rubbing the skin greasy preparations in this case, necessity. Such a "fat" treatment but just once a week. Casual use after a bath or shower ordinary moisturizing lotion

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