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Winter Care of FLOSLEK

Winter Care of FLOSLEKWinter Care of FLOSLEK

Hand cream

A few words about cosmetic

  • Hand cream is contained in a handy container with a capacity of 100 ml.
  • Calmly fits into each bag
  • Consistency is very thick, yet it easily squeezed from a tube
  • The smell of the cream as well as other cosmetics of this series is the same. It is pleasant and delicate, very to my liking.
  • The cream is very efficient and will last for a long time

My feelings about the cream

  • After applying the cream on your hands, it quickly moisturizes
  • Winter Care of FLOSLEK

  • Leaves skin perceptible and visible protective layer. I feel that I have cream on your hands, even as I apply a small amount. Unfortunately, the skin shines for a long time.
  • The cream does not irritate hands, even often used
  • Used in excessive quantity, it makes hands are very greasy. This cream should be used in moderation
  • On cold days, is doing the best. Hands smeared with cream does not dry out, and I have the impression That they are less frozen.
  • Care cream in the long run is not sensational, cream cultivating hands when hands are smeared with it. After the complete absorption of the cream hands require another application as quickly become dry again. Perhaps this is an individual matter, we require brushing hands several times during the day for a complete sense of comfort.

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face cream

A few words about cosmetic

  • Is present a plastic jar with a capacity of 50 ml
  • Consistency is light and not too thick
  • The cream is very efficient, a small amount of grease is Sufficient is the whole mouth
  • The smell is pleasing to the nose

My feelings about the cream

  • The cream even though it has a very light texture That is perceptible in the mouth. Once lubricated, I feel that I have it on the skin.
  • It is a specific cream That moisturizes the skin very well
  • It leaves the skin shiny enough, but after a few minutes, the skin shines less.
  • The skin after using the cream on her face, in my case requires matt
  • Frankly, I was sure the cream That will clog pores. It's my surprise, even though the cream is really pithy not contributed to the creation of comedones, even used daily.
  • The cream nourishes the skin for 3-5 hours after use
  • The cream is used only in Situations where I have to spend a lot of time outside in the cold, with daily care for my skin is too heavy.
  • The cream is not absorbed completely, it leaves a protective layer on the skin

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body Lotion

A few words about cosmetic

  • It is contained in a handy container with a capacity of 150 ml
  • It has the same scent as the rest of cosmetics
  • It has a light consistency, similar to a lotion
  • Balsam is efficient

My feelings about salve

  • Balm very easily spreads on the skin
  • Not completely absorbed, leaves a perceptible layer on the skin
  • Like other cosmetics hard it shines
  • Balm after one use, it contributes very good skin hydration
  • The skin after using the lotion is smooth and pleasant to the touch
  • It works really soothing, especially when frozen and dry skin
  • Lotion does not irritate the skin

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Overall cosmetics

Series of cosmetics could evaluate a good four. I recommend it especially sports and a person who spend a lot of time outside in cold weather.
Is a trip to the mountains for skiing, Whether it is running in the cold - These tasks require special care, we do not always manage to provide your cosmetics used on a daily basis. It is widely known That in cold weather your skin well protected from frost.
My aunt had used once instead of cream margarine is grease the mouth - personally I do not recommend this method. If you are looking for already, cosmetics well Which will protect you from frost, I recommend you check out this series of cosmetics.
As the name suggests, cosmetics These are designed for winter care.
But I can not recommend them for daily care in ordinary days. In its action strongly nourishes the skin, forming a protective layer against the cold.
A shiny skin, none of us does not dream, but if frost is running out and pinch the mouth looking for effective solutions that protect against it.

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