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“Zest” coffee – how to find her?

Today, coffee shops are opened in all the cities, and it seems that this business has become extremely popular. This is not surprising - the demand for quality Institutions of such a plan is now also very high. That is why the owner of the café will have to endure a serious competition, Which will withstand not only high quality goods and services, but also exclusivity.

So, what can be the highlight of your very own coffee?

Bakery products. Of course, in all establishments dry pastry present without fail. It can be pies, cakes, cupcakes, bread and buns, and other similar products. It was before Their discovery buy confectionery and bakery equipment for the owners of this coffee. If you are looking for where to buy baking equipment for baking buns - pay attention to the products of the company «Golfstream», Including - and the baking tray.

Trays of different sizes and with different characteristics can be found on the company's website golfstream. org. However, despite the importance of high-quality equipment, it has a value, and then what kind of cakes will get your customers. Offer something to offer everyone - completely impractical. Wiser to choose exclusive recipes that does not prepare them even in your city.

Note the traditional pastries of other countries, or look for family recipes.

Dessert. In addition is baking, in a coffee shop should have other additions to coffee - ice-cream, souffle, tiramisu, jellies and other sweets. They also need to choose the principle of scarcity in your town, or at least in a part of town where there is a café.

By the way, do not forget about the seasonality - most likely in the winter ice will be much less in demand than in the heat, so in the cold is a focus on That Other desserts are not served chilled.

Coffee recipes. Carefully read the competition menu. Most likely, few offers coffee and fruit additives or with rare spices, so try to find recipes That your potential customers are still probably not tried.

Do not be afraid, even daring combinations - so your café Acquires the reputation of the institution where you can find any, even the most exotic coffee.

Show. Of course, we are talking about the show associated with coffee. Perhaps one of your barista trained in the art of latte art is so masterly That can create drawings in the eyes of visitors with musical accompaniment.

Or maybe you decide to make coffee in the sand in the middle of the room - most importantly, that dry an idea has not yet been Implemented in other urban coffeehouse.

Best Coffee Fragrance / Cologne Chosen by my fiancée!



Best Coffee Fragrance / Cologne Chosen by my FIancée!

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